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How to be an entrepreneur

THE PRACTICE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN NIGERIA:(A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED ENTREPRENEURS IN ENUGU STATE)ABSTRACTEntrepreneurship as we all know is a self employed business which is written for student who must live in a world influenced by business activities, because without business human being cannot operate on his own self.The aim of this project is toContinue reading “How to be an entrepreneur”

Millionaire mindset

A self-made millionaire is generally a humble person who is realistic about the future: To get from zero to millions, it will take a lot of time and hard work. They put a lot of sweat into their business and try to keep debt at bay. Some self-made millionaires didn’t pay themselves a salary untilContinue reading “Millionaire mindset”

Money building

What Is Wealth? Everyone has a different idea of what wealth is. For some, it means owning property; for others, it means having lucrative investments. From a financial standpoint, the term wealth is the number of assets you own minus debts. How To Determine Your Wealth Add the total market value of all your tangible andContinue reading “Money building”

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