Sometimes we don’t understand what’s journey of life is,we are stock by the way we think and see is design to be live by purpose, oil by vision and maintain by focus.purpose is what define our life here,u have been given the same amount of time,both the rich and the poor,it depends on howContinue reading “Life”

Little Inspirations: what’s in a name? — luna’s on line

Lovely, isn’t it? This sampler, inherited from my husband’s side of the family, is by far the oldest piece we have in our house. We don’t know much about the family members mentioned, only that they were part of the Dodding family who were prosperous merchants living in the Lake District, in the north-west of […]Continue reading “Little Inspirations: what’s in a name? — luna’s on line”

How to be an entrepreneur

THE PRACTICE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN NIGERIA:(A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED ENTREPRENEURS IN ENUGU STATE)ABSTRACTEntrepreneurship as we all know is a self employed business which is written for student who must live in a world influenced by business activities, because without business human being cannot operate on his own self.The aim of this project is toContinue reading “How to be an entrepreneur”


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